Maggie and Justin- Happy in love! 8.22.2015

I actually did not meet Maggie and Justin face to face until their wedding day. We had been emailing back and forth and I had been drooling over their epic hikes and adventures in Colorado (where they currently live) on Instagram. Usually I like to meet the couples I'm working with so that everyone is comfortable and I can get all my awkward out before the day (lol). However, I quickly realized that not meeting them beforehand was not a problem at all! I walked into the rehearsal the night before their big day and instantly felt welcomed. I was greeting by big smiles from Maggie and Justin and it all just clicked as if I had known them and their families forever!

I wanted to start something new in my blogs: I want to start saying what my favorite part of the wedding day was. For Maggie and Justin's day, my favorite moment was during the ceremony. It was a small moment, but meant so much. Maggie and Justin's mothers went up to light the unity candle--they held hands. The candle Justin's mom lit blew out and she had to go back up to relight it. She did not have to go back up there alone, Maggie's mom went right back up there with her--they continued to hold hands the whole time.  It was just such a sweet and simple gesture that truly proved something about Maggie, Justin and their families. The whole time during Maggie and Justin's wedding there was an overwhelming sense of unity. It was obvious that these two families were meant to become one big happy family with Maggie and Justin's undeniable love gluing them all together. 

Maggie and Justin,
 You two. Seriously. Are. The. Best. I am so so so so honored that you trusted me to be the one to document your day. Thank you so much for whole heatedly including me in the beautiful celebration of your love! I hope for nothing but the best for you two, but I know that with the support you have surrounding you and the intense, honest love you have for each other-- that will not be a problem at all! 


Maggie and Justin's
First Dance Song: 

Their day was just amazing! I asked these two what the most memorable part of their big day was: 

Maggie's favorite memory is watching all of our grandparents have so much fun at the reception.
Justin's favorite memory is our first dance and trying not to step on Maggie's dress every 10 seconds.

I also asked if these two had any advice for other couples approaching their wedding day: 

Our advice would be to take it all in, it goes by so freakin' fast. Make sure you have fun! Don't worry about little things

Other Vendors: 
Ceremony- St. Alphonsus Parish
Reception- Franciscan Center (Lourdes University)
Cake/Caterer- Michael's Catering
Flowers- Maple City Floral