It was a good day
— Ice Cube

What to Expect:

Comfort is key!

First thing’s first, I want you to feel comfortable! It’s your wedding day, dangit, and I don’t want to be some stranger with a camera in your face. So, I want to get to know you beforehand. We can keep it simple and email back & forth, do a phone call/skype call or meet for drinks/coffee! I want to have a real conversation so when I show up on your big day, I can show up for YOU.

I want to know what makes you laugh, what your favorite song is, who your favorite family member is (kidding). I want to be what you need to make you feel comfortable on your day. If you feel comfortable, I feel comfortable and if we all feel comfortable, I can capture some pretty amazing things!

My Photography Style

I believe in the “in-between moments”, which means I am not a check each photo off a list kind of photographer. I want to catch you and your boo being your cute selves or you and your friends dancing the night away!

That being said, I will absolutely take family formals, ask for specific people that you would like me to focus on throughout the day and help you with posing. Don’t worry, it won’t just be the sound of crickets and my camera clicking while you stare nervously at my lens. I like to play music and will most likely break out some insanely bad dance moves to Beyonce, so get ready!

I describe my style as fun, bright and emotional. I aim for you to look back on your wedding photos and be there in that moment all over again.  I want to document you two and this day when you promised forever to each other!

I Gotchu!

I married my bestie in 2014, so I get it. It’s the most fun, full of love time in your life BUT also the most overwhelming and sensory overload time, too.

I will be able to help with ANY questions you have and will be honest with you throughout the whole process. I will help bustle your dress, put boutonnieres on the guys, make sure music is playing while you’re getting ready, help you with the timeline, etc. You can trust that I got your back, because I do!


I have set packages for you to choose from. I know every couple is looking for something different so I may be able to honor a custom quote. 

For a rough estimate:

Couples typically spend $2,500

Engagement Sessions: $350

Elopements/Smaller wedding? No problem! We can definitely talk details!

I am a huge believer in printing your photos! I feel that it is SO important to have something tangible to look back on your day!

Are you into it?! Great! Click the link below and let’s getting ta talkin!