Christian + Monica || Wedding by Colleen Schmidt

This day was THE. BEST. Christian and Monica are the definition of a perfect match. They are so in love, have FUN and laughter is at the heart of their relationship. Christian had us all laughing the whole day (especially Monica, and let’s be real— he was just trying to make HER laugh anyway). It was adorable.

It was another rainy day wedding with an AMAZING couple and bridal party that just embraced it! We took photos and literally danced in the rain. So. Much. Fun.

It was a day full of one of the closest families ever celebrating this happy couple. Monica’s brother sang at the ceremony *tears* and the reception was another epic dance party of family and friends cel-e-bratinnnnng!

I asked these two cuties a couple of questions about their day and any advice they had for future couples. Here is what they had to say:

What were a few (or one that stands out the most) favorite parts of your day?

From Monica: I would definitely sat that one of my many favorite parts of the day was the party bus time and taking photos at the Botanical Garden. It was such a fun, intimate time with the people that we love so dearly. The fact that all of our bridesmaids and groomsmen were willing to take so many photos with us out in the freezing rain was beyond cool. We honestly couldn’t have done it if we didn’t have such an amazing and energetic photographer and videographer :) besides that, the reception was where so much magic happened. All of our friends, neighbors and family came out to celebrate that day, and nothing makes me happier than to be with all of these people that we love so much. 

From Christian: the photo shoot after the church was great. It was drizzling rain but it was such a fun group and Colleen brought such great energy to the whole process

Any advice for future couples?

From Monica: My advice is to TRUST and to COMMUNICATE- two incredibly important things to have (among so many others) in a marriage. But also something so relevant to today- don’t let seemingly perfect relationship appearances on social media affect how you live your life and your marriage. No life and no marriage is perfect, but social media can make it seem otherwise. If you and your spouse are going through ups and downs in your marriage, don’t assume you are the only one. Marriage is amazing, but it truly is a commitment to learning and growing with your spouse forever and always. So just do your absolute best to stand up for your spouse, be there for your spouse, and love your spouse through it all, and you’ll be just fine <3 

From Christian: Work hard to become as self aware as possible in your relationship. It might seem obvious to work to become more aware of your partner’s strengths and limitations, but it is just as important to become aware of your own. For their sake, it helps you better understand what they have to “deal” with whether you’re at your best or your worst. And it allows you to garner even more appreciation for how much they complete you when you realize how much they boost your strengths and support your limitations. 

These two are goals. <3 <3

Congrats again, you two!! Thank you so so much for having me be a part of your day!!

Ok, now click play on their first dance song and enjoy their day!

Valerie + Andrew || Engagement by Colleen Schmidt

First of all, if I could frolic in the woods with these two for the rest of eternity— I 100% would. (Also, any shoot that involves a good boy, best friend —aka pet— I’m totally down for.) Second of all, Oak Openings Metropark is my FAVORITE park in Toledo. Hands down, no contest— can I move in yet, or what? (They are actually in the process of making a treehouse village here and I literally can not!! There is more info on that here if you’re interested in hearing more! I will fight you for a cabin, though. Sorry, not sorry.)

I had such an amazing time with these two and I can not WAIT for their big day! Thanks for hanging out with me and laughing at all my lame jokes, guys. XOXOXO

Cory + Robin || Wedding by Colleen Schmidt

This day. These two. I don’t even know where to start. I JUST LOVED ALL OF IT!

I knew Robin from working on a past project and when she reached out to me about documenting her wedding day I was SO excited. We met for sushi and talked way past her lunch break. I heard all about how these two lovebirds met at a concert (just like Steven and I!), their collective love for music, her improv journey and her plans to HAND DYE her wedding dress. I left that meeting ECSTATIC!

On their wedding day the weather called for rain. No problem, right?! Well, they planned an outdoor ceremony and decided to go for it rain or shine (which I LOVED). The whole time they were getting ready they were checking windows and looking at the clouds. When it was time for the ceremony—the rain started. Their family and friends laughed under umbrella’s, making the best of it! The music started and Cory made his way down the aisle, then the flower girl and then it was Robin’s turn. As soon as the door opened, it stopped raining. It gave me chills and OF COURSE I teared up. As a matter of fact, the rain stopped for the whole ceremony. As they shared their first kiss, the rain started up again and they walked down the aisle hand in hand with the BIGGEST smiles on their faces, literally drenched in love. It was one of the most amazing ceremonies I have ever witnessed and I was honored to document it!

The reception went on to be an epic dance party filled with so much love with an AMAZING playlist. When I asked them what their favorite part of the day was, they both said that dancing the night away (especially the flower girls dance moves. You need to scroll down to check it out. She was ADORABLE!).

Congratulations, you two. Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing day!

**Robin was generous enough to share a part of their story in her words and if you have some time you should definitely check it out! Check it out here.

Enjoy their first dance song as you scroll through their amazing day!