I wish I could say “I always knew I was going to be a photographer!” but that is far from the truth. I always loved taking photos, Absolutely! I mean, I came back with something like 11 rolls of instant camera film to develop from my 8th grade Girl scout (yep, you read that right) trip to the Grand Canyon. I have always loved documenting things -- but I didn’t realize why until I was in college.

My dreams were always focused on something else when I was growing up: the stage. I started college as a theatre major (DRAMA QUEEN, jk. But let’s sing show tunes). I later made the switch to a Film major to focus on video editing. I went to a liberal arts college where photography classes were required for my major. BOOM. I fell in love with the dark room. Watching all of my ideas *literally* develop before my eyes was amazing.

At the time I was also working at Subway (yes, I was a sandwich artist. Respect.) and a girl I worked with asked me to shoot her wedding. I shot my first wedding in 2008 and it clicked. This was it. I loved taking photos of people and their lives doing what makes them happy, what makes them THEM. I have been living this (now updated and better than ever dream of documenting lives and taking photos ever since!

5 Quick facts about me:

  1. I’m also a mom and it’s the absolute best thing I’ve ever done. I married my best friend in 2014 and we are navigating our way through life while trying to travel to all the places, try all the breweries, play all the board games and go to all the concerts.

  2. ‎I could eat pizza everyday. I'm 100% not kidding. Seriously, let's order some pizza!! Pepperoni and banana peppers, please!

  3. I LOVE traveling. I find a new piece of myself each time I push myself out of my comfort zone while seeing new places and soaking up different cultures. I've had the privilege of seeing so many amazing places (Ireland and South Korea to name drop a few, heyyy)!! I don't want to stop there and there are so many more places on my list (I'm coming for you, Antarctica)! Not to mention there are so many places in our awesome country that I need to check off my list as well so even if you aren't in Ohio and want a photo shoot or are getting married--hit me up! 🤓

  4. I like to lose myself in fantasy worlds. I would love to go to Hogwarts, Sunnydale, Westeros or any Galaxy far far away. ✨💫 If anyone has any suggestions, I'm looking for a new show or book to dive into. Where my fellow Hufflepuff's at??

Uh, we just became best friends!