THE Spot NW Ohio and pretty pretty Jaylin!

For a while now I have heard about this "mystical" spot at Oak Openings. People all over are traveling to check this place out (in little ol' Toledo, Ohio). I have to admit I don't make it out to Oak Openings as much as I would like so this place remained a mystery to me. Recently a friend told me how to find this secret place and I was ECSTATIC! (thanks, Jen! ;) ) A few weeks ago I dragged my friend Jaylin there to find the spot and snap some pics. I was driving down the road at snails pace looking for it-- then BAM! There it was. It literally caused me to slam on my brakes. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS. Here are a few pictures from the fun we had! Dear Oak Openings, I knew I liked you-- but I think I'm falling in love with you. <3 <3