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To 2017, and beyond! by Colleen Schmidt

Well, hello! It's been awhile, eh? :) As I started running full speed ahead into the first work week of 2017 I couldn't help but look back, just one more time. I was thinking back on all the amazing couples that let me into their lives and document their "BEST DAY EVER" or families that let me capture sweet moments in 2016. I was blown away by everything 2016 brought me!! So I decided to dust off the ol' blog and share some of my favorites of 2016. :) Now--I have full intentions to blog these amazing weddings (there is way too much to just share a few from each)!

BUT! in the meantime, take a little peak at what 2016 looked like over here at Colleen Schmidt Photography: 


Holy moly, 2016. Hooooly moly. I am looking to 2017 to grow this little business even more!! I can't wait to document the "BEST DAY EVER!" for many new couples (and hopefully be better about blogging them all along the way. HA!) 

To all my 2016 clients: Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOUUUU!! This has been an absolutely amazing year. I am so thankful all of you let me document such special moments in your lives. I truly can't thank you all enough for the kind words you gave and trust you had in little ole' me. YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!


To 2017, and beyond! 

THE Spot NW Ohio and pretty pretty Jaylin! by Colleen Schmidt

For a while now I have heard about this "mystical" spot at Oak Openings. People all over are traveling to check this place out (in little ol' Toledo, Ohio). I have to admit I don't make it out to Oak Openings as much as I would like so this place remained a mystery to me. Recently a friend told me how to find this secret place and I was ECSTATIC! (thanks, Jen! ;) ) A few weeks ago I dragged my friend Jaylin there to find the spot and snap some pics. I was driving down the road at snails pace looking for it-- then BAM! There it was. It literally caused me to slam on my brakes. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS. Here are a few pictures from the fun we had! Dear Oak Openings, I knew I liked you-- but I think I'm falling in love with you. <3 <3