Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

There is so much going on during your wedding day. The struggle to have everything go according to plan while also focusing on the joy of your day is a struggle. I really believe it is important to let go of the reigns on your wedding day! It will allow you to live in the moment as best as you can. I highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator can help you through the whole process or just be there for you on the day of your wedding.

My hubs and I had a "Day Of" Wedding Coordinator for our wedding and we can NOT imagine not having them there. (There were two wedding fairies fluttering around helping guests and helping us!) It was great to know we had someone there to make sure everything went smoothly. **Thanks Lisa and April from Your Perfect Day!**

Here are Toledo area wedding coordinators I can recommend: 

Your perfect day (We used them for our wedding and they were the BEST!) 

- La Boutique Nostalgie

- Bee for the Day

Other local coordinators that I haven't personally worked with, but have heard great things about: 

Elite Events

In addition to having an awesome wedding fairy (or especially if you decide you aren't going to do it) an "Emergency kit" is a must! One of my bridesmaids made me an emergency kit for my bridal shower gift and a few things seriously saved my life on my wedding day. I actually still use the container and have changed a few things out and placed it in our guest room in case guests forget something during their stay! Multi use, SCORE! 

Travel size products work perfect. Just load them into a container or bag. My friend and bridesmaid picked a large mason jar and I thought it was so adorable! I just grabbed the jar and brought it with me while we were getting ready for the day. 

I made a printable list you can download to make sure you don't miss anything! Click on the list on the right to get the downloadable link!  

Ultimately, try to remember that the day is about LOVE and happiness! It's about sharing the rest of your life with your best friend!! I know the pull to have everything perfect is strong, but don't forget to take a step back to remember what it's all about. :) :) 

Any couples have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below! 

Happy Planning!