Sarah and Neil! by Colleen Schmidt

Sarah and Neil are just awesome. They are both so laid back and  comfortable with each other. It seems like they have been together forever! Well it turns out that they practically have been. They met, hit it off immediately and have been together every day since! 

We met at Howard’s in BG for the first time, he was playing drums in my friends band. About a week later he came over to my apartment and we ended up talking all night and decided to grab some good at Waffle House. About 10 cups of coffee later we realize that it’s 6am! Neil had to call off of work. Then we hung out everyday after that.
— Sarah

They just celebrated their 5 year Anniversary and seem to be happier than ever! They still look at each other as if their relationship is fresh and new. IT'S ADORABLE. 

We had so much fun on our shoot playing with the golden light and trespassing (THE WALL WAS SO COOL, WE HAD TO!). ;) :) 

About Sarah and Neil:

Sarah's favorite color is black (she says it's too hard to pick just one!) Neil's favorite color is dark blue. Their favorite date night spot is Dégagé. "The food is amazing every time. It's dark and cozy inside and there's always live jazz. Very sexy vibe. Plus that's where our reception was!" 
Sarah is a hairdresser and makeup artist at Salon Hazelton. Neil is a fabricator at Graphite Design and Build. He makes playgrounds for the metroparks and dinosaurs for the zoo. Um, awesome. 

I asked Sarah what "their song" was and she said Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray. There is a line in it that pretty much describes them perfectly: "You fit me better than my favorite sweater." Absolutely. 

Happy Anniversary you two!!! 

Kristen and Kyle! by Colleen Schmidt

I've known Kristen since she was in grade school. She is one of my sisters best friends! I remember her as a little 8 year old girl and all the sleepovers and giggles between her and my sister (Kristen LOVES to laugh). Kristen and my sister stayed close throughout high school so I have literally watched her grow up. (I won't mention the punk phase--that I personally LOVED). Oops, I mentioned it. ;) Kristen has always been full of life and love and laughter. So it is no surprise to flash forward to today and see the gorgeous WOMAN she has become! 

Kristen attended THE Ohio State University where Kyle entered the picture. First of all, these two are just the cutest!! They met the FIRST weekend of FRESHMAN year, and have been together ever since. Talk about the definition of College sweethearts! 

Kyle and I met the first weekend of college at Ohio State. He overheard me complaining about my feet hurting from my heels and gave me his sandals to wear instead. We discovered we lived in dorm buildings next door to each other and quickly became best friends! Months later, on Valentine’s Day, he surprised me with a rose and chocolates after a fun night out with a group of friends. We’ve been together ever since!
— Kristen


Most importantly, Kyle makes her laugh. He brings out this smile in Kristen that is just so genuine and happy! When I was photographing these two lovebirds it was so easy and carefree. They are just so naturally comfortable and so clearly in love.
We went to Allardale park in Medina and played with some golden light. It was gorgeous and awesome. 

About Kristen and Kyle: 
Kristen works at the The ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter and Kyle is a Biology teacher. Kristen likes the color purple, Kyle likes the color blue. Their favorite date night spot is a bar called Cantine near their condo in Broadview heights, Ohio. They have an incredible craft beer selection and amazing tapas! Yumm!

Song that reminds Kyle of Kristen

Song that reminds Kristen of Kyle 

Go ahead, have a dance party in your living room. I just did! ;) ;)
Can't wait to document your day you two!! I can already tell it's going to be one big LOVE PARTY!! 



To see all of the photos from the shoot, go HERE! :) (If your lucky enough to know Kristen and Kyle ask them for the password) ;)