My obsession with the Golden Hour


Let’s talk obsessions. I have em. I’m a fan girl— I ADMIT IT, OK!?

I have a loooooot of obsessions, but something I am a HUGE fangirl for??! Golden Hour. Hands down!

Whenever I have the chance to play with light during a shoot or a wedding day you will. catch. me. FANGIRLING! (Yes, I made that a verb, haha).

One of the biggest questions I get is when to schedule a shoot. I will always say “Golden hour!” and sometimes I hear back: “Ok, great! What’s that!”

What is Golden Hour?!

Golden hour is the hour before the sunsets (or rises). The sun is soft and glowing, casting the most beautiful shadows and warmth all around!

*Golden Hour getting ready to show off during a wedding day at Maumee Bay State Park! :D

*Golden Hour getting ready to show off during a wedding day at Maumee Bay State Park! :D

Catching Golden hour on your wedding day

When shooting weddings I always ask the couple if they are willing to pop out for 10 minutes if the weather allows! We usually pop out during dinner or another time in the Reception where it won’t disrupt the flow. As a matter of fact, I talk with the DJ and we come up with that time together so everyone is in the loop and we can get you back on that dance floor ASAP with your guests not knowing you were even gone!

Catching Golden Hour during a shoot

Golden hour happens at different times as the seasons change so we will be sure to chat about timing when scheduling your shoot! Most of the time I will have us meet a bit before the actual Golden hour begins so we can be sure to get everything we need with outfit changes and travel to locations.

Of course, sometimes mother nature has other plans and it decides that it wants me to play around with light in another way during your shoot. Never fear! I know Golden hour is GORGEOUS and I love it too but there are plenty of amazing things that can be captured if it’s overcast or even raining.

No matter the weather, I gotchu!

I just needed to let my love of Golden Hour out! Phew, I did it! This fan girl feels a bit more free. (haha)