Kristen + Steve || Wedding

Doing a Flashback Friday blog post so I can say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THESE AMAZING CUTIES!

They celebrate their first anniversary on Saturday and I just want to scream from the rooftops because I love them and their day SO. MUCH.
I know I say it a lot : “I felt like we became instant friends.” “I love my couples!” because I truly do. I can’t believe this is my job and these amazing people let me into their lives on one of the best days ever! GAH, Ok— I’ll stop gushing.

But not about these two, Oh heck no! My gushing for these two hasn’t even begun. Kristen and Steve, you two are so clearly meant to be together it’s unreal. The way you two just light up when you’re around each other is just inspiring. (I can confirm that the light is still lit! I saw them last weekend at the wedding of their good friends Val and Drew and they were drawn to each other like magnets all day. IT WAS STINKING ADORABLE. ) Watching you two glowing with anticipation all day— and then once you were together, you were glowing with happiness. What an amazing day filled with families coming together, epic dance parties, good beer, pup snuggles and SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Press play on their wedding song and scroll through the amazingness that was this day, almost a year ago.


Their details were perfect. So much thought went into everything which resulted in decor that gave guests more insights into who they are as a couple. Nailed it. A+

Not to mention that Steve MADE the Gazebo they got married under. (Scroll for more pics of that. It was stunning.)

Let the partaaayyyy begin!

*Also, scroll down to those donuts. I can still taste them. MACQUEEEEENS

Best day. Heart you guys!


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