Kelly and Eric-- Brewing up some love (I had to) 4.28.2018

I had the honor of documenting the wedding day of this insanely fun couple a couple weeks ago! Kelly and Eric had an amazing day full of so much love, great beer, trips down memory lane and SO much dancing. Their day started at Blessed Sacrament church and ended at one of my FAVORITE venues to shoot: The Oliver House. The space is next to Maumee Bay Brewery and it's such a cool and unique space! We made stops around uptown: Middlegrounds metropark by the river (which I will never get bored of photographing), Handmade Toledo, the Attic-- it's the bar that they met at! Thank you two so much for letting me photograph your day and not laughing (too hard) at me while I totally geeked out! It was truly a magical day. The love you two have for each other radiates. 

Enjoy a little peek into their day as well as some advice they have for other brides and grooms. CHEERS YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS! 

KELLY: My favorite part of the day was when I turned the corner to start walking down the aisle. It was just this amazing moment full of all kinds of emotions! At first I looked around a little and was so happy to see the church full of family and friends and everyone smiling so big but then I locked in on Eric at the alter and everything else disappeared. Like I really don't even remember seeing anyone else except the people in the last few rows. I was just totally focused in on him. I feel like my face probably looked funny because I was already trying to hold back from crying at that time haha. And I do also remember Chris, my brother, telling me to slow down haha! I had this same feeling during our cake cutting and during our first dance. Like I was just totally unaware of anyone else in the room and was just in this happy little bubble with Eric.  

ERIC: The photo shoot because I was able to slow down and really enjoy the day. Plus I was able to hang out with my sexy new wife πŸ˜‹

KELLY: Our first dance song was Never Fade by Jack Johnson. It's a good one, definitely take a listen if you're not familiar with it. I just love Jack Johnson in general. I feel like all of his songs are just simple and relateable and genuine. Especially his love songs. I really love too that all of his love songs are written by him and written about his wife who he has been with for 20+ years. It may seem silly but I definitely took into consideration the artist of the song and their relationship status when picking this out and these are two people who definitely seem to have a pure, true love and who are dedicated to one another. I really wanted to have that as a good omen to start us off with :) This song in particular I think really fit well for Eric and I because of the lyrics. For example, here is the first verse: 

"When I first saw you come across the room

And then you saw me, then I knew what to do

I tried to play it cool and attached no strings

But by the end of the day, I needed the whole thing"

This is totally us. We met completely by chance but immediately had this connection and never looked back :) 

KELLY: One thing that we did that I think was really beneficial is we made a point of getting everything ready the weekend before the wedding. We had everything in boxes and labeled and all in one room of the house. We had it clearly separated what needed to go to the church and what needed to go to the reception. And we had a whole list with pictures put together for our day-of-coordinators that explained how we envisioned things being set up. I think that by basically being ready a week in advance really helped us to be a little less stressed for those days leading up to the big day. I've heard horror stories of brides being up until like 2 am the night before trying to finish things and I refused to let that happen to me. 

ERIC: Hire a day of coordinator, you don't need to be worrying about everything on your wedding day

Other Amazing Vendors: 
Coordinator/Flowers: Your Perfect Day
Venues: Blessed Sacrament Church / Oliver House
DJ: Metro Music DJ
CAKE: Eston's bakery
Hair and Makeup: Salon Hazelton