Kristilyn and Tommy!

In October I shot my last wedding of the year! Kristilyn and Tommy are high school sweethearts with a love story all high school girls dream about: 

Tommy and I met while we were in high school through mutual friends. I’ve been in love with him since I was 16. He was the complete opposite of what I was looking for (granted I was a 16 year old girl). He wore cowboy boots and snug fitting wranglers with a huge belt buckle. I was a city girl, and he was a country boy. For instance, the first time I drove out to his house ( because of course ever the gentleman, he always picked me up in Holland and made the 45 minute drive to Elmore so I could hang out for a few hours and then took me back home) my gas tank was on E when I got there. what I did not know was that the gas station in Elmore was closed on Sunday. Thankfully he had gas cans in his barn.
— Kristilyn

I met Kristilyn for coffee when they got engaged and talked about her gorgeous wedding dress she found in an antique store, our dog children and her big day. She was telling me funny stories about her and Tommy as kids and how he got her on a dirt bike for the first time and it all changed. She used to be a girly girl, but after that first ride she realized that it was more fun to get in the dirt! (I still think we should do a trash the dress with you on some dirt bikes! haha)

We hit it off right away and I'm so glad I was the one to document her day marrying her best friend! :) 

My favorite memory from the wedding.....oh its so hard to pick. During the ceremony it would be when my father gave me away. During the reception it would have to be during the cutting of the cake, when Tommy grabbed a handful of the cake and covered my face (and hair, the one thing I said not too get icing in) with it.
— Kristilyn

A little bit about Kristilyn and Tommy: 

Their first dance was Like the rain by Clint Black. The funny thing is that on their wedding day it actually DID rain--but their smiles did not fade at all! 

Their favorite date night involves a couch, some popcorn, a movie and their adorable pups! 

Congrats again you two!

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