Jessica || BHS Senior ‘19

I had the privilege of taking senior photos for this cutie and it was a BLAST! Jessica is a senior at Bedford high school and plans on going to PA school eventually and to that I say, GO GIRL! Jessica is so sweet, gorgeous and so fun! We spent the afternoon frolicking around my favorite metro park in Toledo: Oak Openings. When we were picking locations for her shoot she saw the photos of the pines from past shoots of mine and she was sold. ILOVETHEPINES!! She let me play with light and didn’t laugh at me when I got SO Excited at the shots I was getting (Thanks, Jess haha!).

I asked her some questions about her time in high school and her plans once she was done. Take a look at what she had to say and enjoy this peak into her senior photo session!
GOOD LUCK, JESSICA! I know you will do great! :)

  1. What are your plans once you graduate?

    “I’m planning on going to Mercy to get my bachelors in Biology and then PA school after!”

  2. What is your favorite memory from high school?


  3. What was your favorite class?


  4. What is your current favorite song?

    “Colorblind by Movements