Creativity Boost


Spring means warmer weather and outside adventures!! I can't wait to shake this cabin fever (#midwestproblems).

I like to try to keep my creative juices flowing in every season but there is just something about Spring that really gets me wanting to kick it up a notch. One of the biggest ways that works for me is music. I can hear a song and just get pumped up and motivated to create something awesome!  I made a little playlist of songs that have always given me a short boost of creativity when I need it. Push play and maybe you will want to dust off those paint brushes or spray paint or camera or pencil or anything you could use to make something awesome. Or just dance in your living room. Whatever, I won't judge you! ;)  (Just be careful if you care that your neighbors may catch you shaking it. It may or may not have happened to me before.)

Enjoy! And Happy SPRING! 



Colleen SchmidtComment